Gene McCarthy
& Al Comello
to Sedona Fire
District Board

 Committed to Sustaining YOUR Fire District's Critical Mission of Saving Lives and Property

Together, Gene and Al have stepped up to ensure that SFD’s leadership, progress, and stability continue uninterrupted. They will work with other Board members toward a healthy future for your Fire District through strategic planning, fiscal responsibility and professional training. 

They will adhere to – not work to avoid – Open Meeting Laws, ensure transparency and public involvement, while safeguarding against wasteful and unnecessary spending.  

Gene and Al fully support the mission, vision and values of the Sedona Fire District to be a leader in  providing emergency services and to make our districts the safest place to live, work, and visit.

Gene's 35 Years in Public Safety; Understands the Needs to keep our Community Safe

Gene & Al are Committed to sustain YOUR Fire District's Critical Mission of Saving Lives

Al is a 20 year Resident of Sedona and is Dedicated to Helping the Sedona Community