Gene McCarthy

35 Years of Fire Fighting Experience

GENE McCARTHY and his wife Jackie live in the Village of Oak Creek. He is passionate and committed to fire service, emergency medical services and all aspects of public safety. 

He served as a Captain/Paramedic Coordinator for one-third of Los Angeles County Fire Department and was involved in every facet of those services. 

He brought his 35 years of experience in public safety to serve on Sedona Fire District’s Citizen’s Advisory Committee and as a citizen member of the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System. He was appointed this year to the Sedona Fire Board completing the term of a member who resigned.  

Gene and Al believe that fire departments are a critical part of our nation’s infrastructure and must always be ready at a moment’s notice for any situation. 

Gene believes that taxpayers have expectations as to what Sedona’s Fire District should provide when they call 9-1-1. Citizens want first responders to be available, highly trained, well-equipped, and located to quickly serve their emergency needs. 

He believes it is his fiduciary responsibility to serve taxpayers to ensure they receive the services they expect and are paying for.