Your Sedona Fire District

True Professionals • The desire to serve, the courage to act, the ability to perform


Mission Statement: We help people through Safe, Friendly, and Dedicated service.

Vision Statement: SFD will be a community leader in emergency services to make our District one of the safest places in the world to live, work, and explore.

Values Statement: We value the faith and trust of the community and each of our members will support the mission by adhering to the following values:


  • Safe, Friendly, and Dedicated Service
  • Cost-saving initiatives and multi-tasking for organizational improvement and sustainability
  • Compassion, fostering a genuine concern for those we serve
  • The ability to anticipate, influence, and adapt to change
  • Personal accountability and professionalism, adhering to a strong code of moral and ethical conduct
  • Teamwork, working together for a common goal
  • The desire to serve, the courage to act, the ability to perform

Sedona Fire District Map

This is a map of the Sedona Fire District. The Blue Line outlines the residential (or urban) communities it serves and the Red Line incorporates the EMS response area into the wildlands surrounding Sedona. 

Communites Served

  • City of Sedona
  • Village of Oak Creek & Big Park
  • Pine Valley
  • Oak Creek Canyon
  • Upper and Lower Loop areas
  • Sedona Shadows area off 89A
  • Seven Canyons, Arie, and Enchantment Resort areas.